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From the desk of: Ken Shorey

Dear fellow marketer,

If you've been in internet marketing for any length of time, I want you to picture this...

You wake up one morning, and decide to jump head first into this mysterious land of internet marketing... To your amazement, there are seemingly incredible offers, staring at you right in the face.

You're in disbelief that starting your own online business never even occurred to you before. After all, it IS the information age.

You take a leap of faith and start buying up every product you can lay your hands on...

Days go by. Then Months. You can hear the clock ticking in the background and suddenly you realize that you just wasted an entire MONTH staring at a computer screen, reading offers, yet never finding out exactly which step to take, when to take it or even HOW.

You Have Been Robbed Blind. Not Just of Your Money - But Your Precious Time As Well.

Let's face it.

You are flat broke.

The sheer amount of garbage that floats around the internet telling you how to succeed at online marketing is astonishing.

Many marketers will promise heaven on earth in record time, yet fail to mention the vast amounts of knowledge that you need to succeed.

Skills Like...

  • List building
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Upselling
  • Joint Ventures
  • Social Networking
  • Branding
  • Wordpress and Site Design
  • SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Creation
  • The list goes on... and on... and on!

Can you afford to buy products that cover even half those ESSENTIAL subjects?

Can you afford to shell out hundreds of dollars to outsource those tasks?

Do you have the time to research all the products, filter through garbage, and just pick something that really delivers?

If Your Experience Has Been Anything Like Mine, That's a Big Fat NO!

Regardless of your current circumstances, did you know that you DON'T have to read hundreds of books or courses on Internet Marketing to truly start making your first dollar online?

Neither do you need to spend months and possibly years of pioneering your way towards your first million dollar success!

Look, I'm telling you all this not because it's something you want to hear - but you NEED to hear it.

You don't have to be well known, have a ton of Guru Friends or have millions of people on a mailing list to succeed online.

And I Want To Show You How You Too Can 'Make It' Online, Even If...

  • You're on a shoe-string budget
  • You choose to work from home or anywhere you want
  • You want to be a 'rock star' guru or remain under-the-radar
  • You're still working for someone else, currently a student, or already started your own business of some kind.

"I would highly recommend the membership site...."

Ken's membership site is structured in such a way that it allows an absolute beginner to understand the basics internet business from HTML to Domain and Hosting Management, right up to intermediate and advanced marketers, in terms of traffic generation, list building and product creation.

The progress of the member who signs up to this membership site will be a pleasing experience, as the structure and the content is placed in such, it is step by step, and the videos can be stopped and replayed at any time a person needs to refresh or missed any points.

Other more cutting edge topics like Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads and YouTube Video Marketing is included in Ken's membership site, making the members cutting edge and to be able to use the latest and effective marketing strategies to increase leads, sales and profits.

All in all, I would highly recommend the membership site, as it is a high quality membership site that is suitable for any internet marketer at any level, as it is constantly updated with latest strategies and tactics, that guarantees internet marketing effectiveness for your online business.

Keep up the good work, Ken!

Vincent Cheng
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After years of pioneering my own online business, I discovered a truth that, initially I found it hard to believe, but now comforting to know.

You don't need to have trees made of money or invest vast amounts of time trying to figure out how to make money online anymore!

To start making an impact on your business and monthly bottom-line, all you have to do is simply do the few things that will change your tomorrow.

It's that simple.

Like most marketers who come online to make money, you're probably having these problems....

  • No idea WHERE to begin... Which is surprising because the last product you bought said your bank account would overflowing by now!

  • NO idea HOW to put together a product.

  • No idea HOW to market your product... Even if it is better than the rest.

  • NO idea HOW to put up a website.

  • You're sick to death of all the hype, lies, and straight BS.

  • You want to finally start seeing results instead of of being misled and having your intelligence insulted.

I blame the so-called 'gurus' for turning simple tasks into never ending cycles of BS.


Because every time I hear a fellow marketer running around in circles confused about how exactly to make money online, I shake my head and think...

If Only They Had Access To The Internet
Marketing Learning Center

I'm Like The Magic Lamp That You Just Rubbed To Make Your Wish A Reality...

I'm breaking all the rules of internet marketing - by completely undercharging you for everything I am going to offer inside the Internet Marketing Learning Center.

The training videos and ebooks that you'll have exclusive access to in this unique membership were designed to be short, effective and powerful.

Inside The Learning Center, You'll Discover How To...

    Set up your own website, from start to finish, everything from choosing a host and a domain to getting it up and running... It's Almost TOO easy!

    Create your own bank breaking, top selling product... Even if you know NOTHING about the subject and have NEVER written a book or made a video before.

    Create an army of affiliates, and have them ready to shove cash into your bank account!

    Promote your website though video marketing and crush your competitors! (And have them begging for mercy!)

    Create your own Wordpress website and MASTER it in RECORD time!

    Create squeeze pages that have visitors rushing to sign up for your product... AND have them screaming for MORE!

    Use FREE tools and services to send server crashing, mind boggling amounts of traffic to your site... Even if you barely know the difference between Twitter and a car crash!

"Videos are clear and professional...."

The internet marketing learning center is a pretty neat and comfortable membership site. It has a lot of easy to learn video material for viewing and a great amount of resources to tap in to.

The range for tutorials is also quite broad. There is information about affiliate marketing, cpa marketing, list building, product creation, traffic generation and much more.

Most of the tutorials are in video format so you don't have to concentrate on following a line of text all the time. Videos are clear and professional and give out straight on useful information right from the beginning.

Overall it should be essentially every starting internet marketers first playground of choice.

Tonis Urm
Estonia, Europe

What Exactly Am I Getting?

Module: Website Setup and Design

Have you ever seen a crusty old website?

Did the thought of buying anything from it make you snatch your wallet away before you even read what it was about?

In this module, we go in depth to explain:

    How to set up your website from beginning to end. In depth explanations of how, what, why and where to get your hosting, choose domain names, to managing it effectively.

    Setting up and configuring your email account

    Using FTP to upload files to your webhost

    Easily grasp basic HTML and learn how to use it effectively where needed.

    Optimize your website for FREE organic traffic

    How to submit your website to search engines and get listed ALL OVER THE WEB!

    How to systematically increase your rankings and build links to your website

Module: Wordpress Installation and Use

Once you have your website setup, and on that website you have something that people want, the ONLY thing that is stopping you from making money is the traffic that your site gets.

If you don't get enough traffic, and traffic that is actually interested in what you want, then you'll never make any money with any website that you have! It's as simple as that!

Making money with your website IS easy once you know how to get the right people to your website.

Here are the topics we'll be covering...

    Installing wordpress





    Tags and Categories






    Editors and Editing Posts





    Neat Tricks

Module: Traffic Techniques

Once you have your website setup, and on that website you have something that people want, the ONLY thing that is stopping you from making money is the traffic that your site gets.

If you don't get enough traffic, and traffic that is actually interested in what you want, then you'll never make any money with any website that you have! It's as simple as that!

Making money with your website IS easy once you know how to get the right people to your website.

Here are just some of the tactics you'll be learning...

   Exactly how to cut hours out of your day and get the PROFITABLE stuff done. This will allow you to work less and make more!

   My easy system for staying focused on traffic generation so you can get the traffic you need to make money.

   Why you don't need to pay for advertising, marketing, or promotion to make your web site wildly successful and profitable....

   How to use the Internet's largest and fastest growing social networking websites to leech targeted traffic! Imagine even if you get a tiny fraction of the traffic these gargantuan sites are getting every day - how much will that change your business and profits?

   How to get recurring income and recurring leads using this special 'swap' method!

   How to craft your own professional Press Release in 5 minutes flat!

   Where to find REAL buyers and where they hang out online - in just a few minutes!

   How to get instant traffic for zero-cost!

   How to integrate the Internet's largest social networking websites to bring in compound traffic to any website of your choice! It doesn't matter whether it's your own products or you're an affiliate for other merchants!

   How to build links quickly and easily and improve your rankings on the major Search Engines like Google and Yahoo!

   How to get articles to drive in targeted traffic and boost your Search Engine ranks and results!

   Leverage on videos to drive in massive traffic to your websites... and who says you need to record videos to get this started?

   Super secret social bookmarketing strategies revealed!

   How to use podcasting to build your brand and distribute to various channels online... and get pockets of laser-targeted traffic funneled into your websites!

   How to compete and beat the biggest websites online with absolutely no advertising budget!

   My secret system and process for generating targeted traffic to your website within 24 hours!

   Proven SEO strategies that only the most seasoned SEO professionals are aware of.

   My list of special websites that you should be using to drive massive traffic, and how to leverage them for massive online traffic.

   One viral marketing strategy very few marketers even use and how you can tap into this for massive traffic.

   A strategy that most people associate with promoting an offline business, but if you actually take this method online the results are amazing for increasing your traffic!

   How to properly repurpose your content to create a massive influx of cash-in-hand website visitors nearly begging to become your next customer.

   The process for using a secret website to find and gain massive back links from up and coming powerful websites.

   A simple 5 minute strategy for creating an effective online video that will pull website visitors to your site like a magnet.

   I've left absolutely nothing uncovered here. By the time you get done with this course you'll know EXACTLY how to get tons of free traffic to any website you want.

Module: List Building

Our List Building System discusses how you too can easily put together your website for effectiveness and maximum profit.

Through the strategies and tactics discussed inside, you will learn how to get repeat, recurring customers!

Why is this so important?

The reason is simple: It is easier to get the same customer to buy from you again vs. Selling to a new customer. The most successful businesses are those that build relationships with customers and therefore get repeat sales.

Here's what's included...

    An Introduction To The System
By the end of this video we will lay out the List Building Course to get you started on your first seam bursting list!

    Creating Your List System
The tools you need to build a successful email marketing campaign, and how you can set up your entire system in 72 hours or less.. guaranteed!

    Choosing Your Newsletter Topic
How to choose a profitable newsletter topic, ensuring that you earn as much money as possible from ALL of your marketing efforts! (don't overlook this critical step if you truly want to be successful )

    Squeeze Pages
Follow a proven formula for creating high converting squeeze pages in seconds! It doesn't matter if you have absolutely no HTML knowledge, you can still create dynamic squeeze and landing pages that attract prime subscribers!

    The Money Is In The "Relationship" With Your List
Discover what you absolutely must know about communicating with your list so that you are able to dominate niche markets and summon instant traffic on command with just a couple of clicks! These are solid, proven tactics that you need to know!

    List Building Strategies
In this video you will learn list building stategies. Where to market your offer, keywords to use and how to get people in your funnel to not only market to over and over, but to have them screaming..."I wanna buy what you got!"

    Maximizing Profits
Find out how you can maximize profit and funnel your subscribers into your markets allowing you to instantly gain ground and establish a concrete foothold in any market you wish.. effortlessly!

Module: Affiliate Marketing

Creating your own products earn you status and flexibility as a market shaker. But who says there's no money to be made as an affiliate? Many marketers today are cashing in a fortune just selling other people's products!

And You Will Be Learning:

    How to effectively do your keyword research
I grab you by the hand and take you through the process step by step!

    Learn to pick and promote only the MOST PROFITABLE products
Easy ways to uncover profitable niche products to promote - discover within minutes whether the product is worth promoting or not and don't waste weeks or even months of promotion just to find out it fizzles on you!

    Create effective landing pages that convert traffic into customers...
Then use the techniques I taught you earlier to double and TRIPLE your earnings!

    Use FREE traffic to promote products...
Forget spending money on advertising only to find that your pockets now have holes in them!

    Art of the Presell
How to warm up potential customers to the offer you are sending them to, so by the time they click your affiliate link they are saying,LET ME HAVE IT!

    Adcopy Structure.
Discover how to structure your ad copy so you can get potential customers to click on YOUR LINKS!

    Adwords Tips N Tricks
In this video you will learn the stategies of Affiliate Rockstars, as well as the adwords tips and tricks used to generate fast traffic!

Module: CPA Marketing

In this video series you'll have access to 6 content packed videos that will show you step by step how to make money with CPA Networks.

You'll Be Learning:

    What CPA is and why you will want to get into it
CPA, also known as Cost Per Action is a great way for publishers like you to make money. The way you make money with CPA is if the traffic you send takes a specific action, whether it's filling out a zip code, email address, or a form. For advertisers it's a great way to build leads and many advertisers are willing to pay you anywhere from $1, $15 or more just to get a lead. The nice thing about CPA is that you don't have to sell anything to make money.

    List of CPA Networks
Just as the title states, you will be shown several CPA Networks in this video. While there are hundreds of CPA networks out there, I will show you just a handful of the top ones; where I will recommend to you just a few to get started. The best thing you can do when you get started, is to sign up with 1-2 CPA networks and start there.

    Signing up for CPA Networks and increasing your approval rate
Before you sign up for CPA networks, you must realize that they will not take just anyone. So in this video I will show you how CPA networks screen applicants for experienced marketers, which whom they want to do business with. There are about 4-5 things you need to make sure you have before you fill out the application, because your goal is to get approved.

    Once you are in, then what? CPA Types
In this video, you will learn the different types of CPA offers from ones that have higher conversions to ones that are less converting, but may be more profitable. You see while some convert faster, they pay less, so you need to do it on a massive scale. You will also learn how to pick and choose the right CPA offers for you.

    Keyword Research
That brings us to Keyword Research. Testing your market before you get into it is important. So in this video you will learn several methods of testing. You'll also learn how to test the market by using Keyword Tools. Once the market is profitable, you will understand how to move forward and create a list of keywords that you want to rank on.

    Create Landing pages that promote CPA offers
Now that you have done your Keyword Research, it's time to setup your landing pages. You'll be given an overview of understand how domain names and web hosting connect together to create a website, so you can get started easily. Taking the keywords we researched earlier, we can easily add them to the landing pages and create a landing page that will not only increase your CPA offer conversions, but will get a good score from Google.

    Promoting your site: PPC Adwords, SEO
Once you have your landing page, it's time to promote it. That brings us to use of Pay Per Click, by using Google Adwords. In this video you will learn how to create a basic Adwords Campaign and decrease your CPC (Cost Per Click). You will learn some basic out of the box PPC methods.

Module: Social Media & Traffic

In this module you'll learn how to use the Internet's largest and fastest growing social networking websites to literally steal laser targeted traffic!

And guess what?

These methods don't cost a dime!

Just think about the power of having even just a FRACTION of these enormous websites sending piles of traffic through to your sales message.

What will that do for your bottom line?

In this module, we will go in depth exactly how to use...











Module: Product Creation

When we talk about creating your own product, we are referring to 'digital products'.

Product creation sounds too hard and too complicated for many beginners. The fact is that product creation takes just as much effort as starting an affiliate business - not including all the skills you need for even thinking about it.

And by the way, the rewards are much, much greater.

Here are a Few Good Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Own Digital Product Today

Information is the best-selling commodity in the Internet marketplace!

Creating your Information Product can be easily done with something as simple as Microsoft Word!

You only need to create your product just once! You can sell as many copies of your product as you want and since its digital nature allows it to be duplicable, there's no need to keep inventory of it.

Your business can be automated! Your customer purchases from your website and after paying online, he downloads the product himself from your secure thank you page. Unlike selling physical goods, you don't have to get involved in the process or outsource the delivery to anyone at all!

In this module you'll be learning...

    The right way to do niche research

    An overview of the hottest niches.
I'll show you how to find a hot niche to create a product in, and plan out your entire product within a niche.

    An entire plan to help you outsource your product creation.

    How to create your ebook yourself without outsourcing (Money saver!)

    How to name your product and get killer graphics to represent your new product.

    Polishing everything up to have a finished sellable product!

    Simple steps to turn your new ebook into a money machine!

    How to create audio, video, and/or software products to either to add to your product or create additional products for even more money!

    How to create super profitable video products.

    Creating bonus products to sell more of your own product.

    Finishing up your product so you can sell it for cash!

    An entire overview of setting up a sales system.

    Setting up the core of your sales system.

    Writing copy to make people buy your product

    Getting your sales page live and online to start taking orders.

    Adding all the legal documents you need to keep you out of trouble.

    How to capture every customer and build a list of buyers that you can make money off of over and over again.

    How to make 33% more money without any more work. How to add an upsell to your product.

    The best way to sell your product is to let affiliates sell it for you. This is where your business becomes autopilot.

Everything You Need Is Right Here ...Right Now!

"Well laid out and easy to follow...."

The program is very good and informative, well laid out and easy to follow. The videos are great and you really cant go wrong when you're following them.

For any person starting off in IM it is a great program for them to follow to get started.

Darren Flanagan
Dublin, Ireland

Let's Look at it like this. What is it worth to you to:

Hack guesswork into tiny little slices and bury them?

Forget going crazy by all the offers out there and just have one resource that really delivers?

Never again worry about picking or choosing from multiple products... That just MIGHT work?

I know you've heard this one before... But taking action is the one thing that seperates those who succeed and those who don't. And then complain about how hard it is to make money online.

Let me just be honest for a minute. I could EASILY repackage everything inside the Internet Marketing Learning Center into multiple products and sell them for $47-$97 a piece.

And I am NOT exaggerating when I say it's well worth every dollar spent.

Fortunately, I don't like the internet marketing 'rulebook' and I want to OVERDELIVER so YOU TOO can enjoy the benefits of your own online business as I have.

As said earlier, if I start a seminar or workshop, this would limit my reach to just my local area.

You know exactly where this going.

As I already said, this content is well worth over $497. I COULD resell it in separate chunks, but I don't want the trouble of making different websites, targeting them at different customers all over the internet, and managing them all.

It could work... But that's just being greedy.

I am serious about internet marketing. This isn't just a hobby like it is for many people. This is my LIFE!

Sad, I know...

But I really do enjoy helping people.

So instead of breaking this up, make you go looking for tons of different products and techniques, you can get instant access to everything you need after making your online purchase for $497 $297 $197 $147 just $47.00

Remember, this is a ONE TIME payment with absolutely no recurring fees, upsells, one time offers, or any of that other stuff you've grown to hate. You make your one time payment of $47.00 and you're done.

After your payment, you'll have access to your material instantly. Besides, this saves YOU time, so you don't have to wait for shipping, packing and all that nonsense. Instant access!

Are You Finally Ready To Start Taking
Of The Internet?

"Great job Ken!...."

I just finished taking a look at the Internet Marketing Learning Center by Ken Shorey and was pretty impressed.

If you are brand new to Internet Marketing you will learn a ton of stuff on such Topics as Listbuilding, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation, CPA marketing and Much More.

If you have some experience you will pick up some gems here as well.

Jack Bastide

It's the crossroads.

You can decide to access this material and put it to use right away and build your internet marketing empire...


You can decide to back out of this incredible offer. I wish you good luck in your efforts, but remember how much time, effort and frustration you'll save by joining right now.

Lets just look at the insane value of what your getting, for a measly $47.00

"Your Purchase Is Fully Protected By a
100% Satisfaction 'Or Your Money Back'

So don't waste another minute...

You can start your online education right now... within minutes! Just use the button below to sign up for your membership, safely and completely risk free...

The Internet Marketing Learning Center

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 YES! I can't wait to access The Internet Marketing Learning Center to master new strategies, tactics and methods to start my own successful online business!

 YES! I understand that these are the same secrets marketing experts use to generate million dollar businesses purely online, and I can get started even on a low budget with ZERO RISK!

 YES! I want to take action now and get my membership - I'll get instant access after I make my online purchase. My purchase is also protected by your 100% Satisfaction 'Or My Money Back' Guarantee up to 30 days after purchase

I'm ready to begin my training - So count me in!

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See You Inside The Internet Marketing Learning Center!

To Your Success,


PS: Don't miss out... remember, you are not just money, but also your precious time. Ive taken ALL the guesswork out of this and put them into one place so that YOU can focus on learning how to build a low-cost, high passive income Internet Business. For real this time.

PPS: Please don't fall for any more junk products - I have put blood, sweat and tears into creating a high quality members area which you can access RIGHT NOW. No more spending months trying to figure which products to choose, which ones are the best, and researching to see what works and what doesn't

Save yourself the frustration and take advantage of this NO RISK offer!

"Thank you so much for creating this program...."

I've been using the Internet Marketing Learning Center and have already been using some tools.

There are so many lessons to learn from. This is well worth it.

Thank you so much for creating this program.

Denny Morales
Las Vegas, NV


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